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West Midlands – 26/06/2015

Surrey, Sussex, & Hampshire – 30/06/2015

Somerset – 03/07/2015

Hertfordshire – 08/07/2015


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Hello there my name is Peter Kingham and I am the director of PK Educational Enterprises.

What does PK Educational Enterprises do?

At PK Educational Enterprises we have a wide range of courses and actvities as well as solutions to help your school improve.

What does PK Educational Enterprises offer?

We pride ourselves on bringing you practical solutions as well as opportunities to ensure programmes are designed to meet your particular needs.

P.K. Educational Enterprises provides;

  • Training for those in education – Teachers and Support Staff
  • Evaluation of the services you provide in a robust but constructive way
  • New ideas that will help you improve what you do, how you do it and raise achievement
  • Conferences for pupils/students
  • Help in establishing/converting to Academy status

We have a wide range of people that we work with, all of them tried and tested and they will support your school to improve.

How to get in contact?

Why not browse our website, have a look at what we offer, but more importantly give us a call so that we can meet with you and start planning a program that will be relevant to your school and support your school.

Click here for Contact details.